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3 quick fixes for when your make-up is part of the problem...

We've all been there. A little blemish that you think that with a quick poke and a bit of concealer will be ok. And maybe it is, under forgiving evening lights.

Until the next day, when you wake up and look in the mirror. Something red and angry on your chin looks back at you. Something that looks like Everest, complete with it's snowy peak. No amount of concealer is going to hide this one, this time.

There is lots of information relating to different causes for spots on your skin. We think it's a huge issue that needs to be addressed in parts. Diet, exercise, hormone levels, medications, contraceptions, stress - all sorts of things can have an impact on your skin. So we've decided to start with the easiest one to fix.

The makeup bag.

A bit of well-placed makeup can be a lifesaver. Literally. Even as a doctor, no patient wants to be looked after by someone who looks half dead themselves. And hospital halogens can be pretty unflattering....

So while it can be more difficult to fix other areas of our life to make them more skin friendly, sorting out a makeup bag is a pretty quick fix. Here are 3 tips to consider:

1) Makeup and skincare products go off. Some quickly, some slowly, all eventually. As a general rule, if you can't remember when you bought it, throw it out! There is a small cylinder printed on the back of each product with a little number in it. This is how many months you can keep it open for - after this number, toss it. If it smells funny, toss it. Bacteria breeding in your makeup will not make you feel or look good, so replace items frequently.

2) Our hands and mouths are dirty. Sorry, but it's true. Anything that has touched these parts is likely to get dirty too. Try not to put your fingers in product pots, and try to choose brands that have dropper, spray or pump dispensers. It can help the rest of the product to not get dirty too. And if a foundation is too thick, diluting it with saliva is never a good idea. Use a serum or oil to help it glide on instead. You'll end up with a better make-up result immediately, and a better skin result in the future.

3) Brushes and sponges can get dirty, too. When you think about all the effort we go to in order to keep our skin clean each day, it defies logic to not then clean the tools we use to put it on. Bacterial can breed easily on the brushes and sponges - leading to infection and irritation in the skin. Product build-up from unwashed tools will also interfere with how they can apply makeup. They need a good wash in order to keep them clean - a gentle shampoo in the shower will do, and then being left to air dry - once a week. For a top tip, gently reshape the brushes before leaving them to dry. And yes, you can do this overnight so that you don't need to spend a day without them.

Following these 3 quick hacks may help improve not only how your makeup looks, but ultimately also how your skin looks without it.

You're welcome.


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