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Work smarter,

work happier.


Personalised evidence-based wellbeing programmes for

busy professionals

Our employees are busy enough, right?  

What if there was a way for them to feel better, and do more?

Especially while trying to work from home.


Work-related stress leads to poorer productivity, ill-health and errors1.

It can also lead to burnout2

Psychosocial intervention courses can positively impact on wellbeing3.

And workplace wellbeing plans are now a must have, especially with decentralised workplaces.

Feel better,

do more

1 in 6 working age adults have mental ill-health symptoms4 

Slide the bar below to see how many people this might be in your organisation

Multiple programs,

measurable benefits

We enable pro-active optimisation of mental health through expert-created digital tools. 

High blood pressure is one of the most important preventable causes of death and illness5

High job strain is associated with increased blood pressure6

Cardiovascular disease is linked to 1.84 million days lost to work7

Stress may contribute to behaviour changes that contribute to weight gain8

Stress management programmes may help with weight loss9

Obesity costs UK economy £2bn a year10

Depression and anxiety are a recognisable outcome from stress11.

Stress at work stress appears to 'precipitate diagnosable depression and anxiety in previously-healthy young workers'12.

Mental health issues are 'linked to 17.6 million days’ sick leave'13.

Investing in employee mental fitness and wellbeing can lead not only to a happier workforce, but to a more productive one, too.

And it can also lead to a decrease in healthcare spend, as well as a decrease in both absenteeism and presenteeism.


Bite-sized, actionable steps to help you get to where you want

Effective micro-actions

Seamless data collection for improved results


Tailored  sessions

Interactive, highly engaging, specialised and 

tailored content 

Harness tracking and data with AI for optimised progress

AI and data-driven

Based on research, science and evidence, for maximum effect


Secure data collection for personal tracking, anonymised for workplace use


Based on research from:

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Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 17.25.46.png
Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 17.33.39.png
Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 17.30.49.png
Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 19.11.36.png

We provide your employees with access to a cutting edge mental wellbeing platform.

And we provide you with information about how this is working, so you can see areas of success, and areas for improvement on an organisational level.

Computer with Graph

Arm your employees with skills.

For a healthy life.

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