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What are 3 things that you can do, right now, that science shows can boost how you feel?


Or what are 3 things that you are doing, right now maybe without realising, that are actually holding you back? 


Mental health is like physical health. And there are lots of things that we can do to optimise them both – with little effort that leads to maximal results. Yet often we aren’t aware of what or how we can do things to help.


Based upon her expertise in neuroscience and wellbeing, Dr Rachel Thomas aims to 

  • Uncover common things that many of us do that are actually damaging our wellbeing

  • Explain the physiology behind these things, to help us understand the impact of new behaviours

  • Explore a range of lifestyle changes that can add to significant improvements in how we feel and act

For speaking requests, media enquiries and brand opportunities please email us here 

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