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In this online course, Dr Rachel shows you evidence-based techniques, supported with evidence, to help you improve your wellbeing.

With this programme, specifically designed to help you master small yet effective changes in 5 key wellness areas, you can learn to thrive.

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Dr Rachel developed this 5 series course to enable you to have access to cutting edge techniques used by doctors in clinical sessions to optimise the wellbeing of sporting and business elite.

It is not a strict plan, but a series of concepts and techniques linked together at a pace that promotes learning and integration into your life for sustainable, long-term improvements. Evidence from behavioural economics shows that making too large or too many changes usually results in long-term failure. The sessions covered here have been designed to be at a pace that offers optimal chance for integration and change into your life.

You will also receive pullout guides, and a crash course in aspects of neuroscience, behavioural psychology and medicine, from this medical doctor from Oxford University.


    about us

The wellbeing doctor aims to bridge the spaces between medicine, wellness lifestyle and technology. As a both an educational platform and media group founded by Dr Rachel Thomas, we aim to help you optimise your wellbeing. Start the Thrive in 5 course


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