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Welcome to the wellbeing doctor. I'm a fully-registered medical doctor from Oxford University, an award-winning author, and someone who leads a pretty busy life.

I created the wellbeing doctor aims to help bridge the spaces between medicine, wellness and technology.

There is lots of evidence about the small things we can do each day and how these can have big impact in our life and wellbeing. Little shifts in the right direction can lead to big impacts further down the line.

Yet there is so much confusion around health advice and products. 

Given that too much choice can be stressful, that we have to look after our skin, body and hair everyday anyway and that we know lots of chemicals in our products can be absorbed and are bad for us, the wellbeing doctor was born. If certain smells might boost your energy for a workout, why not use this to your advantage? While if others can help soothe you for sleep or meditation, why not use this, too?


I wanted to create a space that had clear, scientific lifestyle advice that was holistic and effective. I wanted to use products that were designed by science, and yet made by nature. That were cruelty free, and with ingredients that could all be easily pronounced. 

And to have access to effective home exercise tools,given how interlinked our mental and physical wellbeing are.


With part of every purchase supporting the mental wellbeing of girls through the charity                  , you can really feel good using these products.


Positively impacting on wellbeing, one mind at a time, starting with ourselves.



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  welcome to the wellbeing doctor

The wellbeing doctor aims to bridge the spaces between medicine, wellness lifestyle and technology. As a both an educational platform and media group founded by Dr Rachel Thomas, we aim to help you optimise your wellbeing. Start the Thrive in 5 course


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Hear experts discuss the latest evidence in how to optimise your wellbeing



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              patented skincare

Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing much of what is put on it. Try these patented, organic, cruelty-free, blends  that are designed to boost your mood


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