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Sure, we’d all like more than 24 hours in our day sometimes.


But given that we can’t actually have more hours, how can we use the ones that we have more effectively and efficiently?


How can we wring more out of them, without feeling wrung out?


How can we biohack in such a way that we can lift our mental and physical performance, leading potentially to not only less risk of disease, but greater overall wellbeing?


Using science, and evidence, Dr Rachel aims to: 

  • Identify 3 common areas that are weighing many of us down

  • Explain the underlying science behind what is going on in these areas

  • Outline effective yet simple strategies that we can include in our daily life to lift not only our productivity, but our overall wellbeing.


Elevate your life with lift.

For speaking requests, media enquiries and brand opportunities please email us here 

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