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It's time to get real.

How often have you looked at the ingredients on a package before you've put it's contents into your mouth?

Luckily, many of us do these days, and many of us are aware that the ingredients are listed in such a way that the top of the list means it's the most of the item. A healthy little something thrown in at the end of the list could be there in a minuscule amount. So little that it is basically window dressing to include it.

And, that is all assuming that we were able to read all of the ingredients. Often, they are so chemical and processed that it is hard to even pronounce them, let alone get to the end of an impossibly long list.

Interestingly, many of us check our food. We put it in our body, right, so we want to know what is in it. But many of us forget that our skin is our largest organ, and that what we put on it can easily be absorbed. What we put on the outside can easily end up on the inside, too.

Having said this, it starts to make sense that we should give our face and hair product ingredients a quick skim read before we commit to using them. And maybe it could be wise to think twice before we slather on products that have all sorts of artificial chemical and preservative agents in them.

What if we put our skin and hair products to the same test as we did our food? What if we tried to check if we could pronounce all off the ingredients? It can be a little unfair as natural products should be also listed with their latin names, but even so, it's pretty easy to tell these apart when compared to the artificial chemicals' names.

A quick read of many common products won't pass this test. And given that what you're putting on your body can easily end up in it, surely you deserve to be able to know what 's going on, and what's going in.

Maybe instead of using artificial things, it's time to start getting real.

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really helpful - it's so true that we rarely actually think about our skin absorbing things

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