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Espresso and Cookies

Sure, we’d all like more than 24 hours in our day sometimes. But given that we can’t actually have more hours, how can we use the ones that we have more effectively and efficiently?


How can we wring more out of them, without feeling wrung out? How can we biohack in such a way that we can lift our mental and physical performance, leading potentially to not only less risk of disease, but greater overall wellbeing?

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  welcome to the wellbeing doctor

The wellbeing doctor aims to bridge the spaces between medicine, wellness lifestyle and technology. As a both an educational platform and media group founded by Dr Rachel Thomas, we aim to help you optimise your wellbeing.

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Hear experts discuss the latest evidence in how to optimise your wellbeing


‘I am woman, hear me roar.’


In a time of great expansion in what we accept about gender, how can we embrace what helps without being dragged down by what doesn’t?


If someone holds a door open, is it a compliment or an insult?


And are stereotypes ever useful...?


Portrait of a Beautiful Girl


Working Together

It’s a word that anyone in a start-up or business is familiar with.


Yet what are some of the ways that we can harness what we know about the structure and function of our brain to pivot more effectively?


And how can we keep calm and productive, when under the extreme pressures that are synonymous with start-ups?

What are 3 things that you can do, right now, that science shows can boost how you feel? Or what are 3 things that you are doing, right now maybe without realising, that are actually holding you back? 


Mental health is like physical health. And there are lots of things that we can do to optimise them both – with little effort that leads to maximal results. Yet often we aren’t aware of what or how we can do things to help.


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