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Dr. Rachel is a practising doctor, award-winning author and healthcare innovator, with a special interest in wellbeing and progressive medicine. In an accident that broke her back and neck, she experienced first hand how different aspects of medicine need to combine with both technology and holistic health to help provide care. This has led her to 

 educating and empowering individuals globally to optimise their wellbeing by offering evidence-based, expert lifestyle and health information.

Dr Rachel studied Medicine and Surgery at Oxford University, on the accelerated course which only admits about 30 students each year. Before this, her interest in health technology led her to graduate with 1st class honours in Biomedical Engineering, and Science, majoring in Physiology. She studied part of this on an exchange scholarship in the Silicon Valley at The University of California, Berkeley. She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health at Kings. She has worked in Surgical, Medical and Emergency rotations in hospitals, and practices in mental health optimisation in Harley St.

Awarded the British Medical Association's Young Author of the Year and currently on the editorial board for the European Medical Journal Innovations, Dr Rachel’s first and second books offer education for healthcare practitioners. Her third book, which is due for publication in early 2019, is for a general audience. Her work has also appeared in numerous international online publications including The Huffington Post and the BMJ online.

Her TedX, seen by over 2,000 people live and thousands more online, explores aspects of neuroscience and wellbeing. She speaks frequently at schools and events. She is passionate about encouraging women into areas such as Science, Technology, and Engineering. And about challenging stereotypes, having moved to London from Sydney as a model.

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  welcome to the wellbeing doctor

The wellbeing doctor aims to bridge the spaces between medicine, wellness lifestyle and technology. As a both an educational platform and media group founded by Dr Rachel Thomas, we aim to help you optimise your wellbeing.

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